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Contract Compliance Risk Checklist

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Y E S N O Is the approval process for a contract well-documented, and provable to auditors? 1 Does the financial reporting adequately compensate for the terms of the contract? 2 Is the contract legally valid in the country where the company is doing business, and/or will it be challenged as such? 3 Will regulators correctly assess the statutory responsibility of all parties, including your company, customers and vendors, from the terms of the contract? 4 CO M P L I A N C E R I S K Compliance Risk in Contracts Checklist Contracts can provide a strong bulwark against compliance risk, as they define terms of work. But they can also become targets of auditors and regulators if not properly authored or managed, creating risk. This checklist can help you determine whether your contracts protect against, or create, compliance risk. If you answered "no" to any of the above questions, your contracts may be putting your company at risk. Download this free eBook on managing risk with enterprise contract management to learn more.

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