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Enterprise Contract Management RFI/RFP Checklist A framework for evaluating contract management solutions Contracts Page 1 of 9 Vendor A Vendor B Vendor C 1 Contract Types 1.1 Does the solution support all contract types within the enterprise: buy side, sell side, admin, non-commercial, employee, etc.? 1.2 Is there the ability to define configurable metadata for each contract type within the system? 1.3 Does the solution support various data types: string, number, date, currency, text, choice, Boolean, file, url, or lookup? 1.4 Are metadata level rules configurable within the system - such as mandatory fields, read only fields, connected or dependent fields? 1.5 Does the solution support dierent template structures for dierent contract types? 1.6 Does the solution provide flexibility for contract summary creation? 1.7 Does the solution enable privileges and role-based access control (RBAC) by contract type, templatestructure and metadata? 1.8 Does the solution support non-contract document types such as prerequisite documents or transactional documents? 2 Third-Party Contracts 2.1 Can a contract be authored using third-party paper? 2.2 Can a user import externally created and executed contracts into the solution's contract repository? 2.3 Does the solution support both Word and PDF third-party paper? 2.4 Can the solution identify language in third-party paper? 2.5 Can the solution track language / redline third-party paper? 2.6 Can the solution provide language deviation analysis for agreements created on third-party paper? Copyright © 2019 Icertis

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