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Icertis - Scale Your CLM [Interactive Assessment]

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Does Your CLM Scale Across the Enterprise? Contracts touch every part of a business, and best-of-class contract lifecycle management (CLM) systems allow for enterprise-wide scalability. Take this quick assessment to help gauge how well your contract management system scales across the enterprise. Y E S N O User or data limits that restrict access? 1 Limited language capabilities that don't reflect your company's needs? 2 Robust role-based permission controls to extend proper access to contract data? 3 Flexible workflow and approval processes that adapt to business changes? 4 Mobile access? 5 N E E DS ASS E SS M E N T Does your contract management system haveā€¦ See Results HIGH NEED Based on your answers it appears your current contract management system can't scale across your enterprise. To discuss the benefits of an enterprise-wide contract lifecycle management solution, management specialist today.

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