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Trusted by Leaders in the Manufacturing, Automotive and Distribution Industries 3M needed a system to increase visibility into contract rights and obligations, reduce contract cycle times for routine requests like NDAs and increase pricing compliance through contract standardization. The company selected the Icertis Contract Management (ICM) platform to increase contracting velocity and enable self-service for their 40,000-member sales team while ensuring that discounts and rebates offered aligned with company standards. ABB needed to increase its contracting velocity by reducing the time that strategic procurement contracts sat at each internal stage, and get better visibility into expiry and renewal dates. After implementing the Icertis platform, ABB was able to bring the average cycle time down from 24 days to 4. Daimler selected the Icertis Contract Management (ICM) platform to standardize procurement operations across the 500,000 suppliers in their passenger car, commercial vehicle, and financial services divisions. The company chose the ICM platform because of its ease of use, ability to address every phase in the contract lifecycle, and seamless integration with third-party systems that support the entire procurement process. BASF wanted to replace a legacy contract management system that wasn't keeping pace with their requirements and consolidate their global operations on a single platform. BASF chose Icertis' intelligent, cloud-based platform due to its intuitive user interface, ability to support all types of contracts across the global enterprise, and configurability to easily deploy and adapt its contracting processes to changing requirements. With the ICM platform, BASF can easily create and modify workflows, automate its contracting processes and ensure greater visibility into contractual obligations and deviations. Vallen had a "homegrown" contract management system that was labor intensive with poor visibility. They needed a system that would standardize the contract management process, allow them to easily track open contracts in progress, and eliminate individuals from committing to liabilities without approval. Icertis helped them establish an approval workflow, reduce turnaround time, and improve contract compliance while increasing visibility into vendor commitments. Wabash National needed to replace its homegrown system with a contract management solution that was intuitive, easy to adopt, and compatible with existing internal workflows and processes. With the Icertis platform, Wabash streamlined and fully automated their procurement contracting workflow to increase efficiency and improve supplier performance.

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